Xinghai Square

Dalian Xinghai Square attraction, It covers an area of 1.1 million square meters .Which is the largest square within the city in Asia .The square has been completed on June 30th,1997, which is to honor the memory of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland , the entire design is imbued with this idea .. .You could see the white marble column in front of us ,which is 19.97 M high with a diameter of 1.997 M . If you approach the column you could find 9 dragons, one is curing around the column while the other 8 are at the base , which symbols China boasted 9 states in ancient times and now all the Chinese are decedents of the dragon .On top of the column there stands a animal named Hou which is about 2.3 M .It is said that Hou is like a lion in shape who is the son of the Dragon King, it has a hobby of watching or longing . .Maybe you have been to the Tianmen Square Beijing which stands a pair of the white marble column on either side of the Gate of Heavenly Peace .So apparently ours is an imitation.


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