Jinshitan Scenic Area

Jinshitan Scenic Area Discoveryland Theme Park  Bathing ParadiseIn addition to the historical stories in the downtown area, Dalian is also a bathing paradise . It has an amazing 40-kilometer (25-mile) long beachscape along Binhai Road. Originally a military defense road built in the 1970s, Binhai Road is on must things to do list with imposing mountain scenery on one side and ragged cliffs and seaside on the other. Starting from Haizhiyun Square, it follows the coastline of the city from the east via the south part and on to the west. Driving along the road, visitors will find a dozen Dalian tourist attractions, like a string of pearls scattered along it including Bangchuidao Scenic Area , Tiger Beach Ocean Park , Yanwoling (Swallow Nest Mountain), Fujiazhuang bathing place and Yuexiu Villa. The southern section starting from Hutan Paradise to Fujianzhuang bathing place is the most popular part.

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