Lushun (Port Arthur)

Lushun Also known as ‘Port Arthur’,┬áLushun occupies the west end of Dalian City and the south edge of the Liaodong Peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides. In this advantaged geographical position, it is a beautiful tourist city zone with a long history.From the time of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), it was of strategic military importance and up until the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), it was known as Shizikou (Lion Port). It was during the Ming Dynasty that it was given its present name ‘Lushun’, which expresses a wish for ‘plain sailing and a favorable voyage.’ In 1894 during the Sino-Japanese War the Japanese army captured Lushun and massacred many of its people. The area suffered again in 1904 when it became a major battlefield during the Russo-Japanese War. Lushan then endured Japanese rule for more than 40 years following the surrender of the Russian forces. It was not until the Soviet Union disarmed them in 1945, that Lushun was returned to motherland once more. Through half a century, it came to earn recognition as an ‘open air museum of historical and cultural scenery’.Rich in natural resources as well as its historical heritage, Lushun has become a National Key Scenic Spot, National Nature Protection Area, and National Forest Park by virtue of its now famous attractions. These fall into two categories namely, the natural scenery and historical sites relating to the Sino-Japanese War in 1894-1895.


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