• Binhai Road

  • Xinghai Square

  • Bangchuidao Island

  • Jinshitan Scenic Area

  • Sun Asia Ocean World And Polar World

  • Dalian Discovery Kingdom

  • Lushun (Port Arthur)

  • Private Day Tour of Dalian City Highlights

  • Dalian City Private Day Tour in Your Way

  • Full-Day Private Lushun(Port Arthur) Tour

Private Dalian Night Tour

Overview: Dalian city is more beautiful and brightly lit square at night than at day, the cross-sea bridge with all kinds of lights, the Venice Water City under the lights,the Dalian Zhongshan road with a strong history of 100 years-Friendship Square,Dalian People Square,Xinghai Square,the breeze blowing gently, the music fountain in the east port are all […]

2-Days Dalian City Private Day Tour in Your Way

Overview: Experience the wonders of Dalian on a private 2-day tour. Decide itineraries based on your interests. Pick an immersive tour of the downtown area, Lushun (Port Arthur), Lushun Naval Park, Baiyu Hill (Baiyushan), Russo-Japanese War Sites, East Crest Mountain, Japan-Russia Prison Site of Port Arthur, Lushun Train Station, Dalian Discovery Kingdom, Jinshitan Scenic Area, Binhai […]

3-Hour Sea Boat Tour

Overview: Taking boat to visit attraction of Dalian in the sea,  two locations boat tour, the route: 30-40 minutes’ round trip,   one route Xinghai Square another route Dalian port – east port round trip. Itinerary: Our Dalian English-speaking tour  guide will meet you at your hotel lobby  based on your prefer time schedule, and then […]

Dalian Food Tour

For more about Dalian food private tour, please email to Email: privatedaliantours@163.com WeChat&Cell Phone:+0086 18249772926   Dalian  local exper will reply in 4 hours, if you do not get our email back, please email us again or call us.

Private Dalian Walking Tour

We will make a walking tour base on your interesing , please let us know your plan Email: privatedaliantours@163.com WeChat&Cell Phone:+0086 18249772926    

Half-Day Private Customized Tour

The tour can be customised according to your preference in Dalian city, please inquire Email: privatedaliantours@163.com WeChat&Cell Phone:+0086 18249772926   and write down you need from Dalian city, We will arrange follow your need.

Overview Dalian

Located on the southern tip of the eastern Liaoning peninsula Dalian has a superb geographical location and serves as a gateway to Beijing and Tianjin. Dalian has the Yellow Sea on its east, the Bohai Sea on its west, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, the three provinces of Northeastern China and part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous […]

Overview Lushun (Port Arthur)

Lüshunkou is located at the extreme southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula. It has an excellent natural harbor, the possession and control of which became a casus belli of the Russo-Japanese War (1904–05). Japanese and then Russia administration continued until 1953. During the first decade of that period, it was world-famous and was more significant […]

Russo-Japanese War Sites, East Crest Mountain

East Crest Hill (Jiguan Hill) was a battlefield during Russo-Japanese War in 1904. It was here that the Russian army established a strong fortress after Lushun became a territory leased to Russia 1898. As the main feature on the hill, it houses the Cultural Relic Protection Unit as well as being the patriotism education base […]